Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 12-2/2015

Hello dear visitor and dear fans, today we would like to thank again at this point for your visit at our info page! We thank and honor you greatly, for staying with us only the mentally flexible and strong character people. Thank you very much! We renounce this time on our slide show and give you for the links that you can inform you about our current work. As a special thank you and because now soon the festival of love begins, namely Christmas, we will give you a very special shopping access where you shop inexpensively and maybe you can buy a forgotten gift for you and or your loved ones - of course, good and inexpensive. But let us not forget, their life is not so great, as required by the current mainstream and those people, friends and relatives. Our thoughts are with you and we feel your pain and your worries. We promise no salvation or a beautiful future, but we promise you that you are not alone, even if you feel comfortable so! Never forget anything you desire or what you are longing for, you can give yourself. Stand up and Be aware that your like everyone else have by nature, the same law, you are allowed just do not let you take! Let yourself of anything or anyone your dreams, hopes and love to take and, above all, remain open and free in your mind and in your thoughts - that is the universal force that connects us to each other! Money, politics and mainstream media are only armseeligen illusions and not that alone make them happy, as you enter listens quietly in you, ye shall find something that you just heard, and will always remain with you. A beautiful time wishes you your TAIKUNEDO TEAM

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We wish all our fans, friends and members of a restful holiday season. For this will be donated to you a fascinating HD - Winter video on your TV. Just click on USB - stick pull and enjoy quality on TV in HD. Helps ensure every family against the Christmas stress. As always, we of course for free. Enjoy yourself!

Wir wünschen allen Fans, Freunden und Mitgliedern eine erholsame Weihnachtszeit. Dafür spendieren wir euch ein faszinierendes HD - Wintervideo für Euren Fernseher. Einfach auf USB - Stick ziehen und in HD Qualität am Fernseher geniessen. Hilft garantiert jeder Familie gegen den Weihnachtsstress. Wie immer von uns natürlich kostenlos. Viel Vergnügen!