Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 0602/2015

Love Taikunedo fans, friends and members, Taikunedo-University presents you Welcome to our new "martial artist with a heart", by and with our partner MAA-I under the patronage of the Grand Master Bernd Höhle and the grandmasters Hanshi Prof.Dr. Arndt, Kyoshi Dr. Marchese and Meijin Prof.em.Dipl.Oec.Pohle. We very much hope, I make all with. We look forward to you!

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 06/2015

Dear fans, friends and members, we are pleased to share with you today that our little site already more than 15,000 follower. since proud that you belong to and remains free and sincere in your fighting spirit. all the best and good luck!
Dear visitors of our global blogs. we give you today again a few insights to our work worldwide. We start with a successful master's certificate of maa Association under Grandmaster Bernd Höhle, with which the international taikunedo Association cooperates.

Let's look at a few pictures of our events worldwide in May and June 2015. Our athletes won back the front ranks. Congratulations!

Now let's look at how we educate our youngest members
We encourage young students worldwide and fundraising, and they can help. we share it soon with our new donation page. Thanks in advance!
but also funny moments with us every day, here one of our newlywed members
and last but not least, we present a little politics, without which it does not go in a time when the kraken and parasites dominate the world ...
.... Because if done wrong is to right, every human being has to make resistance!

  also human remains beautiful and take care of yourself, we do our best, meanwhile, for we are many souls around the world!

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