Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

From our archive Taikunedo the last archive footage of our chiefinstructor Renshi Prof.em. Steffen Pohle shortly before his retirement due to illness in Rio
and Budapest in teaching demonstrations of Taikunedo® University™
Aus unserem Taikunedo-Archiv die letzten Archivaufnahmen von unserem Chefausbilder Renshi Prof.em. Steffen Pohle kurz vor seiner krankheitsbedingten Pensionierung in Rio und Budapest bei Lehrvorführungen der Taikunedo®University™

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts University™ Certification informed:
we commemorate the greatest martial artist of all time mr bruce lee and bow down in awe and respect. we are the world for the preservation of moral values ​​and ethical standards.