Sonntag, 17. August 2014

Weltweite Ehrung für unsere Sportler und Wissenschaftler im August 2014

We are very proud that three internationally renowned martial artist, was added to the world-renowned Fame Hall of the international martial arts:

- Action Star Champion Steven Seagal
- Honorary President Renshi Professor Steffen Pohle
- Martial Arts Champion José Luis Montes Garrido
- Teacher Renshi Doctor Danielza Paula

this highest and honorable distinction get only the best 300 and
outstanding martial artists in the world to the best. You need international martial arts successes as Active and coach, as well as scientific publications and recognized international show degrees.

Honor and respect these great personalities!

 Hero Action Star Steven Seagal

Hero Master Jose Luis Montes Uwama

Hero Honory President Renshi Steffen Pohle
Hero Fighting Girl Renshi Daielza Paula

Montag, 11. August 2014

Taikunedo Informations Actual

Taikunedo fight against all warlords worldwide and fight for freedom everyday!

we help the weak and oppressed!

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts™ offer: News 08/2014

Hello fans and members of the Taikunedo-World Union! We fight once more on the tatami and the world against the war propagandists and warmongers, behind which, as always, the banks and the industry put - they have the first two world wars provoked and do the same again. It is simply incomprehensible that no one notices this! We call each upright people: Do not buy goods and engaged in civil resistance against the belligerent countries. Wake up before you wake up in hell! Against the Third World War!

Think and act! 

Think and act!

Think and act!

Think and act!

Think and act!

Think and act!

Think and act!


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Taikunedo-Martial Art since 1860 worldwide. We are against violence and every victim is one too many!

Taikunedo-martial arts world to date in july & august 2014!


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