Montag, 26. Mai 2014

New international management since 2014

Taikunedo ® World Union Leadership Management:


Mr. Shihan Lee Roy Bruce Taikunedo
Mr. Hanshi Prof. Dr. K.-N. Arndt Taikunedo
Mr. Kyoshi Prof. Dr. Alberto Marchese

Honorary Life President: (retired)

Mr. Renshi Prof. em. Dipl oec. Steffen Pohle


Mr. Renshi Ph.D. Frank Langner
Mrs.Renshi Ph.D. Danielza Paula
Mr. Renshi M.D. Joceli Moreira
Mr. Renshi Dr. Manoharan Muthuraj
Mr. PD Renshi Mohammad Dunjali

Managers with a special mission:

Instructor Hweilin Hsu
Instructor Lucas Aguilera
Instructor Leo Renz
Instructor Mild Fino
Instructor Tapirlan Adrian
Instructor Mary Rocamora
Instructor Clair Krista
Instructor Sunray Cyr
Instructor Caroline Diesing
Instructor Ronald Hoyer
Instructor Karine Donaldson
Instructor Sikshya Joshi
Instructor Alfreda Timmons
Instructor Josephine Pöge
Instructor Curtis Furumoto
Instructor Vicky Chancellor
Instructor Hachiro Hisada
Instructor Sonja Lindblad
Instructor Kisley Hernandez
Instructor Chem Bernal
Instructor Cynthia Dech
Instructor Sylviane Klak
Instructor Aurellia Balmuri
Instructor Attiya Iqbal
Instructor Christian Cranston
Instructor Josh Hemperley


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