Donnerstag, 12. September 2019

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 09/2019

Welcome back our friends and fans, we are working very hard an proudly presenting our heros of the year. Best wishes for you all and comes to our facebook-website:

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Montag, 1. April 2019

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 02-04/2019

Hello fans and friends, we could not answer for a long time, because the work for you, has grown almost over your head. but we hope that we can offer you a book of absolute sports-special class and a great travel book from 200 years ago. Read the books and tell us how you liked it. best greetings from your taikunedo team!

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Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2019

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 01/2019

Hello dear fans and visitors, we welcome you for the new year 2019! According to Nostradamus, it's supposed to be a wild year. Well, we will see! Really see is the keyword for you! Do not always believe everything you see - always ask yourself, who uses something? Ultimately, you'll always find that big world politics is always about money, influence and power - nothing more, nothing less! Remember, there is no good or evil, there is always only right and wrong. In this spirit we would like to guide you through the qualified world of martial arts - good for body and mind. Follow very good books on Amazon:

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Freitag, 14. Dezember 2018

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 12/2018

Good LINK for latest holiday gifts!

Hello friends, We greet you. We wish you all a relaxing holiday and good luck and luck for the next year. We am now retreating to my log cabin in the forests of Canada to recover. We will see around in January, until then hold on! Yourgreatful IMAFF-TAIKUNEDO Team!

Mittwoch, 21. November 2018

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 11/2018

Hello dear friends and fans of exclusive martial arts, I greet you. May I bring you three wonderful messages today. 1.) our new international martial arts book will come from 01.04.2019 in the book trade with a quantity of 250,000 books, in DINA 4 format. As a special extra we offer some advertising pages on our first 10 book pages. Each advertisement is DINA 5 large and occupies half a book page. We offer this one-time service until 01.02.2019, after that there is a deadline. the book will be published worldwide as a paperback and as an ebook - it is available in English and German! For the DINA 5 advertising page we only charge 500 € and can be found at:

be hired. After your payment, you will send your advertisement or presentation in Word format:

and receive from us after receipt of money a print preview of your advertising page by email. But do not wait long, there is already a waiting list!
2.) we successfully passed our international ISO-DIN certification again this year - our motto is: class instead of mass!
3.) May I inform you that our esteemed Grandmaster Peter Fahl 10.DAN has been nominated as a lecturer for our university worldwide. He certifies every sincere martial arts community after training - more on this page:
Best regards to all friends and fans!

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 10/2018

Welcome my friends worldwide! We have a very succsessful mastercamp in hamburg with 4 new blackbelt master. Respect and Honor! Greatful thanks to our Chief of Europe Renshi Götz Gerckens, to O-Sensei Kai Krüger and to my best friend Meijin Professor Steffen Pohle! This was a fantastic job 2018!

Freitag, 7. September 2018

Taikunedo® International Martial Arts & IMAFF™ offer: News 09/2018

Good day dear friends from all over the world. today is the 20th of september 2018, the last day for a successful registration for our international and style open mastercamp. today i present you photo moments of the first mastercamps of 30 years ago. astonishing how fast time passes, our 30th anniversary amstercamp anniversary will soon take place. Among other things, there will be knives and stock seminars, kyu and master exams, as well as book reading from our world-famous
author and publisher meijin professor pohle,
about the buddhism, the dying and your life afterwards.
Just sign up today at:

hello dear friends of budosport, soon it is finally time again, we meet for our annual international MasterCamp, which is performed by world-famous grandmasters. this time, we decided to offer all participants a style-open belt test that is recognized worldwide. We examine pupils and masters who would like to come further. But note, the registration deadline is already on 20.09.2018 and there are only a few places left, as we want to hold small training groups. We offer, among other things, stick fencing and knife seminars, as well as jiu jitsu, hapkido, taikunedo, jeet kune do - all only offered and tested by international grandmasters. I wish all participants much success - for questions contact our Renshi Götz Gerckens here on Facebook!
hallo liebe freunde des budosportes, bald ist es nun endlich wieder so weit, wir treffen uns zu unserem alljährlichen internationalen MasterCamp, das von weltbekannten großmeistern durchgeführt wird. diesmal haben wir uns entschieden, allen teilnehmern an den letzten beiden Tagen eine stiloffene gürtelprüfung anzubieten, die weltweit anerkannt wird. wir prüfen schüler und meister die gern weiter kommen wollen. aber beachtet, der anmeldeschluss ist bereits am 20.09.2018 und es gibt nur noch wenige plätze, da wir kleine Trainingsgruppen halten wollen. Wir bieten unter anderem Stockfechten und Messerseminare an, ebenso wie jiu jitsu, hapkido, taikunedo, jeet kune do - alles nur von internationalen großmeistern angeboten und geprüpft. ich wünsche allen teilnehmerrn viel erfolg - für fragen wende dich an unseren Renshi Götz Gerckens hier auf Facebook!

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